CSS Hacks for IE6,IE7,IE8,IE9 and IE10

CSS hacks

Here are the newest CSS hacks for IE all versions, compatible with Firefox and Chrome. #hack{ color:red; /* All browsers */ color:red !important;/* All browsers but IE6 */ _color:red; /* Only works in IE6 */ *color:red; /* IE6, IE7 */ +color:red;/* Only works in IE7*/ *+color:red; /* Only works in IE7 */ color:red\9; /* IE6, […]

Custom scrollbars for IE, Chrome and Firefox using CSS

19 custom scrollbar themes

Using Custom scrollbars in your website can be really eye-catching and they go well with the website’s design. For web designers, it’s difficult creating them with JavaScript. Instead, you can create custom scrollbars using CSS. According to my acknowledge, it only worked in Internet Explorer. During my recent project, my client required the scrollbar to […]